MagniFusion: Push Combine Squash and Pop” the new catchy name for Magnify Physics 2!

Magnify Physics 2 has now been renamed to “MagniFusion: Push Combine Squash and Pop”! The game is also almost finished now!

We also recently added the Squashing Feature:

When you touch a bubble on top of it while its not glowing it gets squashed. You can then drag it a bit while squashed. But there are some disadvantages, the squashed bubble takes up more space and cant merge while squashed. It also moves just really slow. Its very handy to drag bubbles out of the way and to move carefully around obstacles.

Here is a list of the Features of MagniFusion:
– 3 addictive arcade modes that offer a interesting variation for every skill level!
– Puzzle mode with 70 hand-crafted Levels subdivided into 14 chapters!
– Great variation in the levels: often there are several ways to solve a puzzle level and some challenge just your dexterity.
– All kinds of interesting puzzle elements: Holes, gates, triggers, bumpers, crystals…
– Intuitive easy touch controls: Push, Combine, Squash and Pop – everything works like expected!
– Precise 2d physics engine
– Smooth polished gameplay
– Beautiful steampunk style look
– Cutting edge graphics: highres 3d graphics prerendered into the 2d Scenes
– Tips and tricks system: the scientist will tell you everything you need to know about the chemical bubbles
– Highscores lists for every game mode and every puzzle chapter!
– 20 Trophies/Archievements: 20 custom Trophies that give you alltogether 1000 OpenFeint points!
– Unlock special extra modes!
– iPad support!


~ by magnifyphysics on June 20, 2010.

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