Magnify Physics 2.0, coming soon

We are getting close to releaseing the 2.0 Version of Magnify Physics!

In Magnify you have to push colored bubbles with your finger around the playing field. Bubbles of the same size and color will merge when they touch to form larger bubbles worth much more points, while bubbles that are not the same will bounce off of each other. Everytime the bar is filled, a rotating beam will briefly highlight bubbles of its color, which you can then touch to pop and score points.

In 2.0 includes now different game modes:
new game modes

The new puzzle mode with 70 levels:

In the puzzle mode its your goal to make all Bubbles merge in a level within the given time and avoid obstacles like holes and freezing objects. There are also crystals in the levels that you can pickup with the bubbles for bonus points and gates that can be opened with triggers. For some levels you only need dexterity while others really challenge your brain, there is huge amount of varying levels.

New variations of the arcade game mode:

The easy mode has no freezeing edges and only 3 different colored bubbles. you can use the edges of the playing field to rebound bubbles to the full extend.

In the normal mode only the corners are now freezing the bubbles. There are 4 different colors of Bubbles.

The Hard mode has all edges freezing the Bubbles and there are special grey Bubbles that grow on their own and take away your space, but you can make them pop at any time, though they give you no points.

Every gamemode has also its own settings and gameplay values, like speed, how quick the bubbles come, beam speed etc.

Also new, 20 Achievements/Trophys and lots of improvements from the last version!

You can also already get the 1.0 Version which includes the arcade game mode:


~ by magnifyphysics on May 15, 2010.

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