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Read what Customers have to say about Magnify Physics:

“I must say that I am amazed by this simple game. It has intuitive control that is both smooth and easy. The bubble movements feel natural with really beautiful graphics. It is a magnificent little game that I would recommend to anyone.” by BGapps10

“The premise of this game is pretty darned simple. Gently nudge like color and sized bubbles to form into bigger bubbles while being careful not to knock other colored bubbles against the outer edge …nudging the right bubbles together without bumping other bubbles onto the edge is an art form.” by Lord Gek

“Magnify Physics is fun and deceptively simple. Great for buck.” by Lukeb1

“The game is very fun and challenging. It reminds me of something between a combination game, such as,(geospark, flow, chainlink), mixed with billiards.” by Birdie Dave

“this game is slick, polished, and original, everything I love in a good iPhone game. It is much harder than it looks and can take some time to master. Fun and entertaining and takes a lot of strategy. highly recomended” by redking31591

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~ by magnifyphysics on May 4, 2010.

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