Magnify Physics released on the App Store!

Magnify Physics, designed to have a very polished and addictive arcade feeling with new fresh gameplay and beautiful detailed graphics, is now available on the App Store

The game brings something new to the appstore by combining successful game mechanics to a game that is simple in its core but gets complex as the player experiences it. The graphics consists of detailed 3D prerendered artwork in a steampunk setting.

The game makes full use of the touch input in a very intuitive manner. The player can simple push the various colored bubbles with his finger on the playing field. New players will get their first successful moment by simply merging bubbles that are identical of size and color, this results in a bigger bubble that is notable worth more points. But there is a catch to receive this points the bubbles need to be harvested first. Harvesting bubbles is only possible when a rotating beam appears; it makes the bubbles it hits glow. While the bubbles glow the player can collect their points by simply bursting by touching them. This mechanic involves a lot of tactic, the player can spare bubbles to merge them later and increase the worth of them this way. But he need to be cautious because too much bubbles on the playing field makes it harder to get bubbles merged and if the total amount of bubbles gets over a maximum it will result in a overflow alarm which possible leads to gameover.
Not only previously mentioned involves skill, also the pushing of the bubbles is an interesting task, the player has to decide which bubbles on the playing field he can merge easily. Other bubbles that he can collide with become obstacles and he need to push around the obstacle or first push that obstacle out of the way. While doing that a careful approach is required because too fast movements can result that a bubble gets hit into a edge of the playing field which results that the bubbles gets freezed for 10 seconds. The player can also use tactic like pushing various bubbles in a row or bumping a bubble out of the way by pushing another bubble into it. Because the playing field gets more and more filled by faster appearing bubbles, these tactics can become vital in the progression of the game.
The game is designed to be easy to pickup arcade experience but to have also enough depth, so that players are motivated to come back to it to improve their skills and players with enough experience can really master it.

iTunes link:

The Game is a Toco Games production, for more Games, Apps and everything Toco Games visit


~ by magnifyphysics on May 1, 2010.

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